Den 5 (2013)

Hello from the “Senior Class”!  We are in our second year of the Webelos program and are about to cross-over to Boy Scouts in February, 2013.

Here some of the fun things we’ve done as Webelos.

Celebrating Our Scouting Experiences

February- 2013: Nearly everyone was able to attend our celebration of our time as Cub Scouts at Buffalo Wild Wings in Ballwin.  It was a great night for having fun, reminiscing and enjoying our remaining time as Cub Scouts.  We are all looking forward to adventures in the future, which for many of us includes continuing on as Boy Scouts.

Communicator Activity Pin

January- 2013: All the Scouts were in attendance to earn the last ACtivity Pin that we would do as a group.  The boys were very active and had a lot of knowledge about jobs in communications and about the different types of communication.  We also had a presentation From Scoutmaster Haller and Mr. McManus from Troop 357.

A 10 Mile Hike

January- 2013: Three of our boys took off with two of the Den Leaders on a day hike to Meramec State Park.  The Wilderness Trail was conquered, though it nearly conquered the group!  What an adventure!  This hike provided each of these boys a look at some of the adventure that can be experienced in Boy Scouts, as well as providing each of them a significant bump in their mileage towards key milestones in our Hiking program.  We are looking forward to activities of this kind in the future!
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Readyman Activity Pin – Jeopardy

December – 2012: It was a back and forth battle between the Ugly Frogs and the Waffelz.  In the end, the Ugly Frogs came away with the most points – 9900 vs. 9000 (it all came down to the wager in Final Jeopardy).  Many new things were learned and the boys showed thier knowledge of first aid and being prepared for common situations.  It was a lot of fun, for the Scouts and the parents alike.
Ugly Frogs = Steven, Connor and Patrick
Waffelz = Trent, David and Trevor

HandymanActivity Pin

November – 2012: In order to prepare our fine young gentlemen for the future car maintenance that they were likely to encounter, Mr. Pisoni hosted an evening of hands-on learning.  The boys learned how to check the oil in a car and how to change a tire on a car.  It was a greeat learning experience for the boys – even when we thought we stripped one of the lug nuts on Mrs. Pisoni’s vehicle – OOOPS!  The boys also learned how to do basic maintenance on their bicycles.  We are looking forward to December’s Readyman Jeopardy adventure!

Cabin Campout: October 2012

The  boys enjoyed a weekend of games, cooking and learning the Boy Scout basics.  Saturday was livened up by the Police helicopter and Bomb Squad truck that was brought in by a Pack camping nearby.  Good times and a great experience.

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