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Pack 357 2019 Pinewood Derby

2018 Race Results

2019 Pack 357 Pinewood Derby Agenda

There are two parts to the Pinewood Derby (two separate competitions) – Speed and Design.  Each Scout and family should discuss how they want to participate.  Here are the options:

  1. The Scout and adult build one car to race in the speed competition.  Siblings (grade 5 and younger) are welcome to enter speed competition cars also (we have a sibling category)
  2. The Scout and adult build one car for the design competition only.  This is acceptable, but not recommended.  The Scout should have a car that races – even if it is not very fast.  The block of wood cut into a wedge shape, painted and modified to the right weight can be very successful.  **Siblings are not allowed to enter the design competition; however, a Scout’s design car can be raced by a sibling in the sibling race.
  3. The Scout and adult build one car that is for BOTH the design AND speed competitions.  One note of caution – the rules for the design competition do not stipulate weight and size requirements, which are critical in the speed competition.  You can build a car that is outside the allowances for speed, enter it into the design judging Fridaynight, then take it home and modify it for the speed race on Saturday.  Please let the registration team know this in advance.
  4. The Scout and adult build TWO cars – one for speed and one for design.  Scouts can not enter more than two cars total.  **Siblings are not allowed to enter more than one car (speed only).

The speed race is designed to see who has the fastest car and we award those racers with trophies and the top racers have the opportunity to participate in the District race.  We ask that all participants remember that this is an event intended to have the boys work with adults in building a car – this is not a test to see which adult can build the fastest car.  As adults, please feel free to discuss speed enhancements with your Scouts, allowing them to learn about the science behind it all.

Speed Race Rules – The Pack uses the District’s rules so your car meets the requirements to run in the district race (if you qualify).

Along the same lines as the speed competition, the design competition should be about the Scout’s creativity.  Some times, their creativity is outside the realm of do-ability, so please feel free to have conversations around a particular design – communication is a key part of this activity.  We all want the final product to be the best, but the process should definitely include the Scout’s thoughts, ideas and hands-on skills.

Design Competition – We love to see what kinds of amazing designs you will come up with, so check out the rules and categories for this year’s event!

If you have any questions, if you need to request help with getting your Scout’s car built, or if can’t make the Pinewood Derby Workshop please contact Mr. Bolte.

District Race Information – Pack 357 will be sending five of our racers to the District race

We are not planning to have an Open division race in 2019 due to lack of participation in previous years.  If you would like to see this return, please contact Mr. Bolte.

Past Pack Derby Results:   2017 / 2016  / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 /2012  /  2011

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