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We’ve stood in the very same spot you are in right now – is the Cub Scout program right for my son?  You aren’t sure if you have the time to devote or aren’t sure how much time this program takes.  Maybe you were a Scout when you were younger, or maybe you heard about the program from someone else.  Read below and then click on the links on this page to get a better understanding of what we can offer your son.

This program makes opportunities available to your entire family with a focus on your son.  We strive to provide exposure to outdoor activities that you may not necessarily complete during the normal course of your day.  We have a dedicated hiking program that offers opportunities to get out and walk trails and visit unique locations in the grater St. Louis area.  We have two campouts each year (minimum) – one in the fall and one in the spring.  We have a wonderful summer camp program that give each of the boys an opportunity to gain exposure to new sports, activities and crafts.

Please contact us if this sounds like a program your son will enjoy!

Useful Tools

Parent’s Handbook (Pending update):  This document describes the program in considerable detail.

Volunteer Roles: Pending updates from Committee Meeting

Bobcat Badge Requirements: All new Scouts must earn the Bobcat badge before they can earn any other rank badge.  This information is being updated to reflect the changes made in June, 2015.

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